In 1962, Mr Yvan LESCAUT established his business with SNPE Group (National Company for Powders and Explosives) based out of the proximity and served for its different French sites: Saint-Médard-en-Jalles (33), Angoulême (16) et Toulouse (31).

Established as an Entreprise in 1970, LESCAUT SAS has since grown by modernizing its production facilities and developing its manufacturing processes, with the objective of providing safety and high quality in boiler-making and piping. LESCAUT SAS has developed strong competence in chemical, healthcare and food processing industries due to its ability to manufacture high quality stainless steel equipment.
In 1988, the “Batiment 40” project of CHIMEX in Paris area allowed LESCAUT to establish itself in the field of the fine chemistry by setting up a structure and logistics to manage major industrial projects.
In 1995, LESCAUT started to manufacture boilers for SIMOREP (Michelin Group). This long-term partnership has contributed to the evolution and improvement of its quality system, as evidenced by the various regularly certificates. This continuous quality goals was concretized by the investment in 2000 of a workshop dedicated to stainless steel only.

Since 1982, its constant focus in Research and Development has allowed it to become market leaders in manufacturing of stainless steel equipment and special stainless steel pressure vessels. Customer service is a fundamental concept of LESCAUT SAS business. From the procurement of most complex equipments to delivery of smallest of the parts, it provides a comprehensive service to its clients. This approach does not admit any compromise as to the hygiene ad safety standards which has enabled LESCAUT to obtain a certification in 2010 in compliance with MASE (Company Manual of Safety, Health and Environment Improvement).

  • 1962

    LESCAUT established as a subcontractor.

  • 1970

    LESCAUT established as an Enterprise.

  • 1982

    Start of the Industrial Boiler Business.

  • 1988

    Computerization setup of engineering system.

  • 1992

    New facilities setup and expansion.

  • 1997

    Management expansion Didier LESCAUT becomes President and Managing Director.

  • 2000

    Setup of the Stainless Steel workshop.

  • 2010

    MASE Certification (Health, Safety and Environment continuous improvement).

  • 2011