Key Technologies

Boiler making

In the core of its business lies its excellence and experience in Boiler-making.

LESCAUT SAS can build boilers of almost all varieties and complexities, customized to customer requirements. LESCAUT SAS can work on various type of steel, including stainless steel, for building specialty boilers. Additionally, its expertise in high skill welding allows us to handle high precision applications.

Lescaut Advantages

  • Extensive experience in boiler-making
  • Understanding of customer business process
  • Ability to handle multiple material type
  • Ensuring Safety and Efficiency of operation due to high quality
  • Maintenance ease through detailed documentation

Piping for Utilities & Process

LESCAUT SAS builds piping systems that ensure efficient transportation
of liquids and gases through valves and other control devices, such as sensors for the measurement of pressure, flow and temperature of transmitted fluids.
LESCAUT SAS understands ( details and manufacturing) piping projects for Utilities and Process industry from PID. It has required expertise in design, prefabrication and installation of piping systems, as per customer constraints, especially with regards to ergonomics, dimensions and maintenance

Fields of activities

  • Distribution of process fluids
  • Distribution in pure water loop and preparation of injections
  • Redevelopment of facilities to improve & optimize the piping layouts
  • Maintenance work to comply with standards and compliance norms
  • In workshop facility for piping prefabrication, and testing for skids


By providing maintenance service to customers, LESCAUT SAS continuously optimises the operations of the equipments in order to enhance its availability, output, efficiency and operating life. It uses scientific methods of preventive maintenance and periodic repairs to ensure that the overall plant and equipments remain in peak condition throughout its operating life. Its goal is to protect its customers’ investments.

Scheduled planned maintenance is far less costlier than equipment breakdown. That’s why maintenance agreements are cost-efficient alternative to reactive maintenance.

LESCAUT SAS offers a range of maintenance services to its customers. Whatever maintenance levels they choose, LESCAUT SAS ensures that the customers benefit by increasing productivity and avoiding unforeseen costs.

LESCAUT SAS offers a range of service levels for its customers to choose from regarding maintenance. Whatever levels its customers choose, LESCAUT SAS ensures that they benefit by increasing productivity and avoiding unforeseen costs

Lescaut Advantages

  • Quick response in case of unforeseen breakdowns
  • Improvement of overall equipment uptime
  • Increased operating safety
  • Regular monitoring of equipment health
  • Procurement planning for spares