“Upgrading our skills and obtaining newer certifications are important steps in achieving our overall corporate values, especially for quality and safety. In fact, quality and safety are our central concerns and do not stop at our excellent achievements. Thanks to our continuous search for making improvements, we have achieved higher productivities, timely meeting of delivery deadlines and effective cost control. In summary, to be effective for our customers, we need to help them serve better their end customers.”


Construction code

  • CODAP for boiler work
  • CODETI for piping
  • CODRES for storage tank

National, European and international: Depending on the customer’s request, we buy the required standard :

  • EN 13445
  • Standards materials, dimensional, welding machine, compliance calculation

Key Technologies

LESCAUT SAS has invested in developing in house expertise in Key Technology areas of Boiler Making, Piping and Maintenance. Added with its deep understanding of end-customer business processes, these expertise help LESCAUT SAS deliver significant benefits to its customers in terms of higher quality, reduced wastages, lower costs, optimized design and fabrication, and easier maintenance of the equipments.


LESCAUT SAS takes special care to build core competencies for all its employees in their respective job functions and believe in senior know-how transfer. Placed as appretices under the active coaching of senior employees and managers in the company, all young recruits are actively coached on the job, over an extended time period, in all aspects of superior workmanship, quality and customer commitment. This process is necessary for all LESCAUT SAS employees to be well qualified to perform their specific job requirements properly.

All LESCAUT SAS employees who handle boiler making operations are certified and have broad range of welding and fabrication expertise. Pipefitters too are experts in their own field. All employees also undergo retraining in emerging skill areas as necessary to remain well qualified.


Materials Used for Welding

  • P265GH (A42CP)
  • 1.4307 (304L)
  • 2.4404 (316 L)
  • 2.4602 (C22)
  • 2.4819 (C276)
  • 1.4536 (UB6)

Management of all processes is done by our qualified in-house research support system. This system manages nearly one thousand processes to
cover a wide variety of metallurgical work.

Following selections are made :

  • Normative references: Expertise in the process of TIG welding, EE, cored, submerged arc, MIG and MAG
  • Grades of materials: carbon steels, stainless steels, nickel alloys or copper alloys
  • Size: all sizes as per Schedule 160


  • 112 QMOS for Stainless steel
  • 30 QMOS for stain


Boiler-workers and pipe-fitters are trained at shop-floor and at customer site. Workers are also trained on various aspects of security and adoption of quality processes and standards.

It takes about 6-8 years to train an apprentice to become a good boiler worker or pipe fitter. LESCAUT SAS continuously doing skill transfer from experienced work men to younger apprentices.


  • ISO 9001-2015
  • Mase