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LESCAUT SAS fabricates a wide-range of built-to-order equipments for Petrochemical, Fine Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Healthcare, Food Processing, and Environmental Industries. Its reputation, built over past 40 years, explains its close partnership with clients.

Driven by strong customer-focused vision, LESCAUT SAS partners with customers’ technical team to define together the most appropriate fabrication solution. All its fabrications are innovative, efficient and environment-friendly.

LESCAUT SAS is renowned as a high-quality manufacturer of complex products. Its production plant (annual capacity of over 80,000 hours of workmanship) is very flexible to accommodate customer needs. Its customers are of different types and come from diverse industries: from large companies operating globally, to SMEs serving niche markets. Irrespective of the customer type, LESCAUT SAS manufactures with a value of differentiation and ensures success both on quality and on-time delivery.

LESCAUT SAS provides expertise to clients early in their projects (due to industry segment expertise and understanding of need) – from concept to design, product development, manufacturing planning up to maintenance. Its customers rely on our professional approach and perceive LESCAUT SAS as their partner.

Although most of its customers are in France, LESCAUT SAS has also successfully exported products through large engineering companies who offer a complete product line. This gives it confidence to expand footprint and begin to address the global market directly, thereby giving a new impetus to its business.

LESCAUT SAS has registered office at Boulevard Charles Garraud, 24100 Bergerac, France. (Map).

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